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Success of the company is defined on the basis of team and the coordinated efforts put forth by the team. Team building events are designed for this special purpose, and Get Me Up has the expertise inorganizing such type of events. Events like team building are special in more than one way. First of all, organizing such type of events aid in the development of well-designed team, and second, the events boost the morale of employees within the organization. The team as a whole becomes committed towards each other. Get Me Up and its team building measures emphasize on the innovative methodologies to evolve the culture, which helps in building the teams, committed towards a common cause – growth of an institution.

Want to make your organization a healthy and inspiring place? We are the resourceful events management and development company based in New Delhi, offering team building events, and other similar type of services for big, medium and small sized companies. We strongly believe in coordination as well as personal development. At Get Me Up, our team building events are designed around the organizational needs. We are here to make you grow as a team.

Team building events organized and executed by Get Me Up are not only enjoyable; in fact, such events are unbelievably beneficial for individuals, teams and companies. These special events boost the morale, develops the intense leadership qualities, encourages a healthy communication and also inspires creativity. All of it is important in perpetual growth and development of an organization. All efforts are directed towards this common goal.

At Get Me Up, we have worked on many team building events, and each of these events has brought transformation in the company’s culture. We strongly reiterate- team building is one of the most essential part of every business, and it should not be taken lightly. We believe and work towards building teams, which exuberates cordial atmosphere. Our effort is to transpire a healthy team building within the organization.

The team building concepts worked out at Get Me Up have been worked out of the challenging environment. We have global and local experience in building the teams and organizing events to set an atmosphere for effective dialog. Team building events for us is not just the part of any usual event management, but more often and always, there is a strategy working behind. It is this type of strategy, which is going to make an overwhelming difference in successful execution of team event.

List of Team Building Activities:-

Group Pyramid Relay Race
Leg Ballon Bursting
Super Fast Hula Hoop
Lizard Race
Tag of War

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Most Popural & Challenging Team Building Activities:-










Our Specializations Area:-

  • Team building for business groups
  • Employee Engagement activities
  • Group team building activities
  • Company team building activities
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Team building for motivation
  • Corporate Team outings
  • Team Management Skills
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Conference Team Engagements
  • Office team building
  • Fun team building activities
  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Indoor Team Building
  • Motivational Team Building
Why Team Building is Important:

Leadership & Team-work:- Every individual have leadership quality. Through team building activities each & every individual better understand their leadership quality. Thease activities can also improve your leadership ability. Team building allows each member of the team to develop and focus on what they are best at, and allow the team members to find their niche within the team so that everyone can best contribute as an individual while still performing together.

Improved Communication:- Team building is useful for breaking down barriers between individuals through group participation in activities. People who are not used to working together get a chance to participate and work as a team Time to Develop Skills:- In a busy office environment, it can be difficult for employees to find time to develop new skills. Team-building activities can give a chance to every individual to take charge and develop leadership skills & also develop skill of other business area.

Ease Conflicts:- Depending on the varied personalities of your employees, unnecessary conflicts and disputes might arise.

Team-building activities can play an important role in easing conflicts between co-workers by allowing employees to bond with one another.

For each and every organization the employees are the assets and the success of the organization related and depend on the hard work and performance of the employees. To achieve the success takes the efforts of the entire team that just a single person. For the organization, it is imperative to realize the importance of team building as it helps to improve the business efficiency and make the organization a better workplace.

Team building is imperative at the workplace as it helps to motivate the employees, facilitates in better communication, boosts performance, breaks the barrier creating trust among employees, eases conflicts, and promotes creativity and enhances problem-solving skills.

Some Important Team Building Activities

The Super Car Challenge
The Super Car Challenge - Get in touch with your racer side, as we give you the rare opportunity to design and build your very own model cars to race against each other. Prepare to indulge in this incredible pulse raising, competitive race in the IT hub of India.
The Celluloid Challenge
The Celluloid Challenge - Roll, Camera & Action! Unleash the movie buff side in you with our entertaining celluloid challenge. We give your team the grand chance to transform into full-fledged film production units. Get ready to produce your own exceptional big flick.
The Domino Challenge
The Domino Challenge - This specially crafted challenge enables your team to go through a series of ups and downs, as they shuffle to create a massive domino effect art piece. So, get ready to get your hands steady and enjoy a gigantic chain reaction created by you.
The Survival Challenge
The Survival Challenge - It's time for you and your team to face your fears and indulge in an adventurous activity. Gear up to face these adrenaline pumping activities and experience a thrill like never before. Some of the exhilarating activities include flying fox, rope balancing, river crossing and many more.
Clay Challenge
Clay Challenge - Be prepared to get pleasantly surprised as you and your team together participate in creating little clay pieces of art, which serves as metaphors to describe yourself as well as your organization in this stimulating all-season challenge.
Geocaching Challenge
Geocaching Challenge - Prepare to get involved in an exciting activity with some high-tech gadgets and ample of fun. Introducing you and your team to a treasure hunt that taps into your mental, technical as well as physical skills, as you head on with your team on an exciting and technology equipped treasure hunt.
12 Best Places for Corporate Day Outing Near Delhi/Bangalore/Gurgaon/Noida

1. Hans Resort: An ideal destination for corporate outing near Delhi/Bangalore, Hans Resort on the Delhi/Bangalore-Jaipur Highway; NH8, also serves a perfect getaway for the NCR region. Spread across 3 acres of pictorial patches, it is counted among those outing places in Delhi/Bangalore NCR that also attracts a large number of leisure tourists round the year.

The warm and open ambience of the resort also serves as an ideal host to private parties like wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, corporate functions and lot more. With more than 40 authentically designed rooms for the visitors, Hans Resort also promises a pleasant and delightful stay. In addition to this, its dedicated service and luxury amenities along with all the comforting facilities will make it for an extreme fun-filled corporate outing near Delhi/Bangalore.

Activities and Amenities:
Team building activities, corporate events, private parties and celebrations.
Conference rooms, meeting rooms, swimming pool, gym and bar.
Internet facility, smoking zone, housekeeping service and cable TV.
Bathroom phone, ironing board, tea/coffee maker and bathroom phone.

2. Surjivan Resorts: For those looking for a corporate day outing near Delhi/Bangalore that will not only fill their day with fun frolic activities, but will also lure them to laze around the untouched nature and relax, Surjivan Resort proves to be an ideal name! Located only 29km from the heart of the nation's capital, it sprawls around 50 acres of pictorial land and offers a delightful corporate team outing experience.

In addition to hosting eventful day outs for the corporate teams, it also attracts a large number of families, smaller groups and other classes of travellers looking for some fun-filled and exciting moments; for the honeymooners too, Sujivan Resorts proves to be an utmost romantic getaway.

Well connected to NCR regions like Gurgaon, Noida and others, the resort can host a total of 50 members at a time along with arranging some of the most enthralling and team building activities for its guests. With great service and a livelier hospitality, it outshines most of the corporate team outing destinations in and around Delhi/Bangalore and NCR region.

Activities and Amenities:
Team building activities, corporate trainings, off-site events, conferences and corporate meetings.
Commando net, Burma Bridge, double rope bridge, monkey crawl, mowgli walk, rope ladder, rope descent and tyre walk.
Day picnics, indoor & outdoor games, traditional games, kid's activities, herbal walk and farm tour.

3. Camp Mustang: Cosseted by the alluring charm of lush greeneries and the Aravalli Hills, Camp Mustang is a must visit destination for you if you are looking out for wonderful resorts in Gurgaon for team outing! Also an ideal destination for other social gatherings and events, this campsite can be easily reached from the city limits of Delhi/Bangalore and other NCR regions.

The appealing outlook and the bucolic settings of Camp Mustang makes it an ideal destination to enjoy activities like day picnics, farm visits, adventure activities and team building activities. Families and school groups can also have equal amount of fun frolic moments with activities like night sky observation, overnight camps and lot more.

Activities and Amenities:
Employee engagement program, leadership & emotional competence, hi impact team building program and personality development programs.
Rock climbing, trekking, air rifle shooting, zorbing, farming, cycling, obstacle courses and village walks.
Day picnics, camel rides, tractor rides, paint ball, rocketry, music, conference facility and bonfire.

4. The Awesome Farms & Resorts: Nestled amidst the fascinating Arravali Hills, The Awesome Farms & Resorts is one of the most appealing eco-friendly team outing places in Delhi/Bangalore NCR. With a lush and evergreen outlook, this leisure destination with all its amenities and facilities results in amazing corporate outings near Delhi/Bangalore. Since it is surrounded by beautiful mountains it serves as a feast for eyes and is a great sightseeing spot around Delhi/Bangalore.

Located in Faridabad and around 20km from Gurgaon, this resort near Delhi/Bangalore NCR offers an array of activities; most of which are team building and outbound learning, things to do, leisure and adventure options. Even for the casual holidayers, The Awesome Farms & Resort serves as an ideal destination. Rooms in here are categorised into Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe Suites, Cottage Rooms, Cottage Suites, Presidential Villas, and are decked up with almost all the modern amenities and facilities that ensures an exciting stay to the patrons.

During your day outing in here, you can also indulge in some of the rejuvenating ayurvedic massages and detoxify your body and mind. Abhyangam, steam bath, shirodhara herbal bath and navarakizhi are some of the most relaxing therapies offered by The Awesome Farms & Resorts.

Activities and Amenities:
Team building activities, corporate picnics & offsite, banquets, destination wedding and theme parties.
Swimming pool, indoor & outdoor games, pool table, golf course and children's park, dance floor, terrace restaurant, spa and ayurvedic massages.
LCD TV, tea/coffee maker, 24-hour dining room, minibar, bathroom amenities and mineral water.

5. Dhauj Camps: Located within a close proximity to Delhi/Bangalore and around 55km from Gurgaon, Dhauj Camps in Faridabad is also among the perfect team outing places in Gurgaon and Delhi/Bangalore. A perfect blend of the rural life and enthralling activities, this campsite offers an escapade into the raw nature where you can relax and rejuvenate with an ease and is a great option for adventure camping near Delhi/Bangalore.

Owing to its location in the Arravali Hills, it truly makes for an amazing outdoor camp and also offers a wide range of adventure games and activities. Taking the fun and delight of your corporate day outing near Delhi/Bangalore further, the camp also offers overnight stay options to its visitors. Laced with modern amenities and facilities, rooms in Dhauj Camps are aesthetically designed to bring in a vibe of the nature and also offers astounding views of the Aravalli Hills proving itself to be a great place to visit from Delhi/Bangalore within 100 kms.

For the nature lovers too, this campsite proves to be an ideal destination. Nestled with lush and evergreen thickets, the surroundings of the camp serves as an abode to a wide range of exotic avifauna and makes it for a perfect bird watching spot.

Activities and Amenities:
Tarzan swing, Burma Bridge, commando net, barrel crossing, balance walk and monkey crawl.
Machan climbing, mountain climbing, rappelling, river crossing and artificial rock climbing.
Team building activities, obstacle courses, cricket, volleyball, football and other indoor games.

6. Pratapgarh Farms: LTake your team mates for a corporate outing at Pratapgarh Farms in Jhajjar, and witness how the day encourages them to unite with others! Located within a close proximity to Delhi/Bangalore and Gurgaon, this quaint farm is settled in a village and is a true representation of the rural life making it a great picnic spot near Delhi/Bangalore.

While in here, the team members can participate in an array of activities, experience the rural life from a close hand, spend leisure moments amidst the bountiful nature and help themselves to relax and rejuvenate. In addition to these, the group members can also indulge in several farming activities like gardening, dairy activities, field ploughing, or can join the potters and learn some pottery skills, and have some great one day trip from Delhi/Bangalore.

While searching for a fun frolic destination for a corporate day outing near Delhi/Bangalore, mark your calendar and visit Pratapgarh Farms. Enjoy all the activities, get connected with your roots with indigenous games like gulee-danda, pethoo, lattoo, kanche goli and several others.

Activities and Amenities:
Table tennis, badminton, volleyball, dart shooting, archery, tug of war, trampolines and soccer.
Team building games, musical chair, three legged sack race, spoon race, spider web, minefields and paper bridge.
Camel riding, bullock cart riding, agriculture & dairy activities, tractor rides and pottery.
Day picnics, DJ events, cultural programmes, ethnic games, mud and gulabari packs.

7. Kuchesar Mud Fort: Adding the unique charm of late 18th century to your corporate day outing near Delhi/Bangalore, Kuchesar Mud Fort is the one destination that will surely make you feel royal and elegant during the day out! Located in Kuchesar, this historic fort turned into a heritage hotel, seats graciously amidst the lush and evergreen forests of Brijghat and is only 24km away from the banks of the holy Ganges. The elegance and charm of this place makes it one of the top places to visit near Delhi/Bangalore.

Serving the visitors in the most impeccable way, this heritage hotel also makes for an ideal team outing place in Gurgaon and other NCR regions. Rooms in the fort still echoes the opulence of a bygone era and are warmly decorated with antiques that belong to that period. Besides the various team building activities, you can also enjoy some of the rural activities that will connect you with your roots and enhance the fun frolic of the day.

Activities and Amenities:
Team building activities, day picnic, village walk, bullock cart ride, farm visit and pottery milking.
Football, cricket, badminton, pool table, billiards, table tennis, chess, carom and others.
Bonfire, barbeque, bird watching, local market exploration and fun activities.
Tea/coffee maker, conference halls, lawns and gardens.

8. Best Western Resort Country Club: Adding more to your corporate day outing near Delhi/Bangalore, Best Western Resort Country Club in Manesar is one of the acclaimed and famed resorts in Gurgaon for team outings. Tucked away amidst the lush and untouched beauty of the Mother Nature, it is one place where time stands still and ushers fun, relaxation and frolic to your team outing. Be it an outing with your corporate mates, family members or friends, you can always look up to this retreat in Gurgaon for an exciting day out.

Among all the offerings of the Best Western Resort Country Club, there are the vast and open lawn for indoor and outdoor games, conference halls with all the modern facilities and much more. While its well-appointed rooms will offer you the utmost luxury and comfort of a day out, its warm hospitality and service will make you crave for more! During your day out, you can also enjoy Punjabi, Rajasthani and rural theme parties within the premises of this resort.

Activities and Amenities:
Corporate parties, product launch events, team building games, adventure camping and conferencing.
Rain dance, DJ parties, village safari, cricket, lawn tennis, swimming pool and barbeque facility.
Bar, evening party, wedding celebration, bonfire, discotheque, family games, gym and spa.
Welcome drink, LCD TV, laundry service, telephone calls and mineral water.

9. Botanix Nature Resort: If you are searching for a team outing places in Gurgaon that promises you exciting activities while connecting you to the pristine nature, your search will come to an end at Botanix Nature Resort! Cuddled by the alluring charm of the Aravalli Hills and the gurgling Damdama Lake, this quintessential team outing destination is located around 25 minutes driveway from the city and hosts several fun-filled activities for the corporate teams.

Not only the corporate groups, the resort also attracts a large number of leisure seekers, school and college groups yearning for and fun and delight in the outdoors. All the events here are conducted under the strict vigilance of trained experts and instructors; unlimited excitement is guaranteed! Families, who want to break free from the daily hectic schedules, can also visit this ideal getaway and relax amidst the charms of the nature.

Activities and Amenities:
Survival and cooking, conflict resolution, leadership training, team and confidence building games and outbound learning.
ATV rides, camel rides, Burma Bridge, spider web, swimming pool, rappelling, corporate events and meetings.
Zorbing, bullock cart ride, hot air ballooning, cricket, pottery, meditation, nature walk and trust fall.

10. Thakran Farms: Around 40km from Gurgaon, Thakram Farms is one such day out destination that will inspire all the team members to spend time in the outdoor and enjoy the day wholeheartedly. Nestled away from all the hustles of city-life, it offers a serene and calm ambience to embrace the solitude of nature and relax while participating in several team building and fun activities.

Adding more to the fun frolic of a day outing at Thakran Farms, there are the well spacious huts that serve the tiring souls and help them to rejuvenate with their quaint charm. All the huts are surrounded with lush greeneries and their mud walls complete their rustic outlook. During your day out, you can also opt for camping and enjoy the untouched beauty of the nature around. It also serves a delicious range of delicacies that can get your taste buds greedier easily and make you crave for more.

Activities and Amenities:
Outbound learning, team building games, obstacle courses, indoor and outdoor games.
Agricultural activities, rural activities, ethnic games, bonfire and camping.
Golghar, lawns, swings, gardens, fruit orchard, parking facility, hedge maze and solar energy power.

11. Laksh Farms: Located off the Gurgaon-Faridabad Highway, Laksh Farms stand graciously across 8 acres of pictorial land amidst the alluring charm of the fascinating Aravalli Hills. Offering the perfect blend of eco-tourism, this getaway also proves to be one of the wonderful day outing venues near Delhi/Bangalore and NCR region.

Fulfilling all the requirements of a country resort, Laksh Farms boasts of its authentic and purely Indian ambience. Foods here are mostly prepared in the open-air chula, farm fresh vegetables are used in the preparation of the foods and local dairy products like paneer are served to the visitors.

To add here, Laksh Farms is one of those day out destinations that also supports education of the local children and empowerment of the local women.

Activities and Amenities:
Team building activities, agricultural activities and dairy farming.
Eco-tourism, farming and organic food preparation.

12. Damdama Dreams: Far away from the maddening crowd of city-life, Damdama Dreams on the banks of the Damdama Lake is also among the most stunning corporate outing destinations near the NCR Region. Located in the Sohna region of Gurgaon, this day out destination boasts of its charismatic and myriad list of offerings.

With an encouraging ambience, this holiday retreat on the Sohna-Alwar Highway offers exquisite services, all the basic amenities and facilities to its visitors. Keeping all the charms of the rural India alive, it offers a purely rural ambience to the visitors and also treats them accordingly. In addition to this, this lake resort also host an array of fun-filled and team building that will surely encourage and refresh your team mates. While most of these activities are related to the outdoors, you can always expect an extremely fun-filled and exciting day outing in Damdama Dreams.

Activities and Amenities:
Corporate events, day picnics, commando net, Tarzan swing, Burma Bridge and flying fox.
Free fall, zorbing, tug of war, Australian trolley, spider web, camel ride, monkey crawl and bullock cart ride.
Adventure camping, village activities, volleyball, cricket, badminton and football.

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